Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4: My Daughter's Biggest Fan

Today I planned to take another photo. Actually, I did take another photo but just as I was shooting it, Dale pulled up and said hey you look like you're waiting for a bus. I explained to him I had this blog and was doing Project 365 with Project Life. As a professor of history, he of all guys might get it. So he told me I should take a photo of him instead because he was an important person in my life. He's right, so Dale became today's subject. Not only have I taken American Pop Culture from him, I've also spent many hours working with him. I've even sung folk songs with him in public. He is the Whitworth historian and we share a passion for US history and local history. Over the years he's also entertained Daughter #3 while I did setups for early morning events. He always asks me about her future plans and her skiing. Most of all, Dale has tried to mentor her (get her to choose Whitworth) and he claims he's her biggest fan.