Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb 17th/217

One would think that choosing paint supplies for the little house would be easy, but when I got to Fred Meyer, it was rather overwhelming making the right decision. Do I want a foam roller or a one coat roller? Does the wall have heavy texture? Will my daughter want an edger? What size roller should I buy? So many decisions! It is like picking out new hair products.

Feb 16th/218

Although, I wasn't happy that it snowed, our barn was beautiful the next day. The beautiful dusting of snow covered up all of the icky mud and dirt.

Feb 15th/219

Just when I thought it was over, it snowed again!

Feb 14th/220

Valentine's Day which we spent at 49 Degrees North running the Sheimo Cup Race which is a fund raiser for our team as well as a fun memorial race. The racers love it because they get to race their friends and parents. My oldest daughter took first in her category!

Feb 13th/221

This is our family wall in the little hall of our house. I love to walk by this wall and see the girls and see how much they have changed over the years.

Feb 12th/222

This was an afternoon of basketball at my daughter's last basketball game. She is number 47. Unfortunately, they didn't win this time.

Feb 11th/223

This guy sits on top of our pool house. Yes it is a Christmas Bear Skiing and yes it is February, but it is still ski season so I would say it is okay. My youngest daughter told us that he looks a little like her dad- A slow skiier with a belly. Silly girl.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb 10th/224

We love American Idol. It is one of our favorite shows. The new season is proving to be very exciting. At one point they even had a girl from North Idaho who we were really rooting for, but she got put with a high drama group in Hollywood that overshadowed her talent. Unfortunately, we aren't really getting too much done two nights a week right now and won't for a while. I can't wait until they get to the final choices and the program won't be so long or else I may just have to build a DVR.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 9th/325

I chose to take a photo of this gas sign when I was putting gas in my car. It amazed me how fast gas was going back up after dropping to $1.45 from almost $4.00 a gallon last summer. I get a ten cent discount by using my Fred Meyer card so I paid $1.35 a gallon at the end of December and by Feb 9th, it was up to $1.89.

Feb 8th/326

This is our kitten Cocoa is was trying to figure out how to get out of the house so she could attack the quail who were out for a walk enjoying the sunshine.

Feb 7th/327

Proof of how ill my daughters and I have been. We had a horrible cough and were exhausted. I ended up on the couch for 4 days.

Feb 6th/328

Well, the 6th I was really, really ill so I thought I took a photo, but I cannot find it right now so I may have missed a photo for the 6th. If I find it, I will place it here.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 5th/329

Opening Convocation of Spring 2009 Semester at Whitworth University. Here is a picture of two of my favorite people at work. One in the presentation and the other doing the presentation. The photo is a little blurry because I didn't have a tri-pod and I couldn't use the flash.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Feb 4th/330

Another frozen fog day on campus. On the 4th, I had to walk across a campus that I have been walking around for the last 11 years and saw a tree that I had never noticed before. It is interesting how one never notices their surroundings until they are desperate to find a photo for the day.

Feb 3rd/331

This is the counter that I manage at work. It is only a part of my job. I took a photo of the counter with my daughter who works in the back for IT and one of her good friends who works for me. I don't think they were working though. I think they were planning their weekend or maybe a Taco Bell run.

Feb 2nd/332

The 2nd brought on "The Plague" and hit the person in our house and continued to hit us one person at a time for the last two weeks. It hit my youngest first which caused her to miss five days of school.

Feb 1st/333

Superbowl Sunday! Another day of ski racing and then my middle daughter and a bunch of her college friends came over to make cupcakes, watch the game and eat White Chicken Chili.

Jan 31st/334

Another day of ski racing at 49 Degrees North. The 31st was the Master's Race, my last race as race data adminstrator and my husband's last race as chief of timing and calculation for the FAST Team.
It was also a sad day as it was a day our family put a member to rest. My brother-in-law's mother's memorial service was on the 31st, but we missed it because we had to work the race. We did send our daughter instead to represent the family. We will miss Grandma Ruth.

Jan 30th/335

The 30th was my oldest daughter's 21st birthday, but she went down to the University of Idaho to visit her friends so I didn't get any photos of her. It was also a morning made up of frozen fog so I took a photo of this beautiful frost pine tree at my youngest daughter's school.

Jan 29th/336

I am horrible about returning movies on-time and always received late charges so a few years ago, I joined Netflix which is great for those of us who live out in the country because you just drop your viewed DVD in the mailbox and then in a couple of days you open your mailbox and a new movie from your list arrives.

Most recently, I purchased the greatest little $100 box to hook to our TV called the Roku box. It works wirelessly on our home network and allows us to stream from our Netflix Watch Instantly list to our TV, on demand. They don't always have the newest films, but they do have older television seasons, older films, lots of documentaries, and Disney shows which makes everyone in our house happy especially since we don't have cable. My youngest daughter has discovered old shows like The Munsters which has been fun. This little box was well worth the purchase for us and has already provided hours of entertainment.

Jan 28th/337

Well, first we have been busy ski racing and then came the beginning of the semester at work which also kept me busy and finally I got really sick with some horrible sinus infection and cough so I am really behind on my blogging. All I have done is lay on the couch or work and then lay on the couch. I did continue to make sure that I took a picture every day though so now I am feeling good enough to share my photos.

So here is what we did on the 28th. Two of my daughters went to Verizon and upgraded their phones. My how phones have changed. It isn't about the contact list and the ability to call their friends. They both were looking for something they could use to text easily and to take decent photos and one wanted apps like calendars and music plus a touch screen. In the end both chose LGs, one got the enV2 and the other chose the Dare. They had both been saving and were very excited about getting new phones. My other daughter has to wait until March to get her upgrade and I have to wait until June. We'll see what new toy is out by then.