Friday, February 13, 2009

Jan 28th/337

Well, first we have been busy ski racing and then came the beginning of the semester at work which also kept me busy and finally I got really sick with some horrible sinus infection and cough so I am really behind on my blogging. All I have done is lay on the couch or work and then lay on the couch. I did continue to make sure that I took a picture every day though so now I am feeling good enough to share my photos.

So here is what we did on the 28th. Two of my daughters went to Verizon and upgraded their phones. My how phones have changed. It isn't about the contact list and the ability to call their friends. They both were looking for something they could use to text easily and to take decent photos and one wanted apps like calendars and music plus a touch screen. In the end both chose LGs, one got the enV2 and the other chose the Dare. They had both been saving and were very excited about getting new phones. My other daughter has to wait until March to get her upgrade and I have to wait until June. We'll see what new toy is out by then.