Friday, February 13, 2009

Jan 29th/336

I am horrible about returning movies on-time and always received late charges so a few years ago, I joined Netflix which is great for those of us who live out in the country because you just drop your viewed DVD in the mailbox and then in a couple of days you open your mailbox and a new movie from your list arrives.

Most recently, I purchased the greatest little $100 box to hook to our TV called the Roku box. It works wirelessly on our home network and allows us to stream from our Netflix Watch Instantly list to our TV, on demand. They don't always have the newest films, but they do have older television seasons, older films, lots of documentaries, and Disney shows which makes everyone in our house happy especially since we don't have cable. My youngest daughter has discovered old shows like The Munsters which has been fun. This little box was well worth the purchase for us and has already provided hours of entertainment.