Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No time for Crafting

Well, it is ski season at our house which means my week is too full to do much. My daughter used to ski race, but last year at 14, she retired. I thought that was the end of the weekend rush especially when she said, "I gave that team the best nine years of my life." Well, I was wrong because this year she said she wanted to give back and help with the ski team. Now she volunteers as a ski coach for 5-7 year olds. So now every weekend we head to the mountain where she volunteers for the team she "gave the best nine years" of her life? Why does this matter? I still don't have time to craft in the winter. In fact, my week pretty much consists of this: Head to the mountain for the weekend, ski, get home cook, sleep, go to work, come home, cook, correct papers, do my lesson plans, watch TV while doing school work, do laundry or something domestic that allows us to survive, sleep. This goes on Monday through Friday to just go skiing again. Did you notice that cleaning wasn't even on the list. Basically during ski season, we eat and are lucky to have clean clothes. So I basically get my craft fix at night by reading blogs and drooling. It's somewhat like someone who is on a diet who watches The Food Network or reads cookbooks. Which I do when I am dieting. Thank goodness for Google Reader so I can at least organize the blogs I like to read and for my Droid which allows me to read them on the go and for Verizon for letting me read them on the way up to the ski hill.

Why am I telling you all of this? It's because I'm going to highlight some fun projects from other blogs once in a while until I can unbury the building I call my Art Studio, which doubles as my laundry room right now and is covered in ski gear! Watch for some fun things ahead!