Monday, June 24, 2013

Back to Work Monday! Day 4

Well it was back to work today. I could get used to a four day work week! Work was typical other than my afternoon student employee is gone so I had to staff the counter. After work, I stopped to get pizza at Papa Murphy's to grill for dinner but when I got home my husband had steaks on the grill. Tasty they were so I stuck the pizzas in the refrigerator for later this week. Score! I don't have to cook twice this week.

After dinner I cleaned and fixed some molding while my husband worked on his lights in the shop. The girls hung out together. My youngest daughter worked on our surprises for her fellow color guard members who are heading to camp. My middle daughter played one of our favorite computer games, The Sims3. Well, all of the girls favorite. We have several expansion packs and have been playing it since the original version. It's great because you can control the people on the computer screen when you can't control the real world. You also get to build and decorate houses which is really fun. It's kind of like Barbie on the computer only Barbie has to go to work so she makes money for food, rent, clothing and furniture.