Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Focus on Food Day 6

Well, apparently I had was a little late feeding Meathead breakfast. Apparently he dines before 7am, but my husband was gone so breakfast was at 7:30. I don't think he was happy. Yes, his name is Meathead because we don't want to get too attached to him but I think the name isn't helping much. My husband keeps reminding me he's not a pet and he weighs 1000 pounds.  His brother is summering at the neighbors because he got loose the day we brought them home and was missing for a month. He finally showed up with the neighbor's cows about a 1/2 mile away. We decided to leave well enough alone. I'm not chasing him all over the county again. He'll be coming home in freezer paper. So I'll just enjoy Meathead and we'll be his herd.

When I got to work I found Mario my new pool boy who is replacing Artie was being delivered. Artie died two summers ago of a broken fin. He just spun in circles or sat at the bottom of the pool. He fought a good fight. I had Mario sent to work because he was kind expensive and I didn't know if anyone would be home to greet him. I can't wait to watch him to vacuum my pool. I don't think we're calling Mario now though. The girls weren't fond of the name.  They said that the name reminded them of a old short Italian man. Then one of them made Mario Brothers actions so the jury is still out on a name but I know he's Italian.

I didn't eat before my creativity book group from work tonight so I was starving. I have really wanted ice cream all day even though I really can't have milk products so when I got home I grabbed the girls and we headed to Froyo Earth for a treat. They'd fixed their own dinners so they just wanted Froyo because who wouldn't when mom's buying? Froyo Earth has really great sorbet that I could have and the girls had frozen yogurt. You pay buy the ounce after toppings and all so our bill was about $12. Less than the three of us going to Starbucks which is right next door. Not a healthy choice I know as far as dinner is concerned but it was satisfying. I had fruit right?