Sunday, June 23, 2013

Productive Sunday Day 3

Tonight was the night of the super moon but it's overcast so we can't see it. Despite the funky weather today, it was another productive day. My middle daughter and I started the morning by watching the DVR recordings of "So You Think You Can Dance." She's still on East Coast time so she was up early. We are now caught up. My husband worked on the outdoor gas fireplace. Now I just have to paint it so we went to Home Depot to buy paint among other things. We also bought molding for my kitchen project and wiring for the shop and parts for the mason jar chandelier my husband is working on for our daughter's wedding reception. He says for the cost all of the girls will be using it.

When we got home our youngest was gone. She had a VBS meeting at church and had to head to the valley for work.  Our other daughter headed out to meet friends at Green Bluff to pick strawberries as well as check on the house she'll be housesitting. I hung my signs on my freshly painted wall in my kitchen. I figured out the greatest way to hang things evenly. I took painters tape and laid it across the back of my signs, marked where to put the holes for the nails, removed the tape from the sign, put the tape on the wall, nailed in the nails based on my marks and hung the signs. Now they're up straight and even with no extra holes! After that I went to work on the pillowcases and gift bags my youngest and I are making for the members of her color guard who are going to camp. Everything turned out really cute! I really think they'll like them. Now I just need to come up with some "midnight" snacks to add to the bags.

Our evening ended with a great dinner and a movie. Dinner was smoked wings using the Green Mountain Grill, corn on the cob and roasted red potatoes using sea salt and chardonnay garlic olive e oil from the amazing oil and vinegar store in River park Square.