Saturday, June 22, 2013

Busy Saturday Day 2

Wow was today busy! This morning I painted the kitchen a lovely shade of white. Then my daughter and I went to Fred Meyer to gas up where I realized I left my debt card at home. We got gas. Thank goodness for charge cards! Gas was $3.76 a gallon. Down a bit from Wednesday. We ran into the store and bought milk and shoes for camp and then drove home.  With debt card in hand, we headed for Big Lots and picked up pillow cases for tomorrow's project. We also headed to TJ Maxx where she got some yoga capris for camp. Next, we went to Hobby Lobby and Michael's to pick up a burlap runner for my oldest daughter's reception, some brown gift bags and the coolest re metal exit sign for my kitchen. Love those 40% off coupons!

We had some time to waste so we ran by the mall. We picked up our favorite pretzel bites and my daughter had on Orange Julius. We decided to waste time at Barnes & Noble where my daughter had an odd and scary experience with a strange man in the teen book section while I was browsing magazines. It was very weird. Weird enough I may make a phone call tomorrow.

We headed to the airport right after that to pick my middle daughter up. Her plane was fifty minutes late so we waited in the cell phone lot before moving to metered parking. She came home after attending her grad school summer institute at Geneva College in PA. She had so many great things to share but was really tired since it was one am for her. We were going to take her out to dinner but settled for Wendy's drive through.