Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Night at Hop Jacks Day 5

What a big day for my youngest. Another milestone has been conquered. She drove the little pickup into town today. She's had her license for almost a year but today she drove a car with a stick shift. She's been dreading this day but I told her I was done paying for gas for the Expedition. She said she only stalled a few times.  All I can say is money motivates!

Tonight was the band and color guard fundraiser at Hop Jacks. My husband was out of town so the girls and I went to dinner there. They have a great menu but we like the beverages the most. My youngest really likes the huckleberry lemonade. I like their drops. They serve them in mini ice molded martini glasses with mini shaker on the side. When we were done there we headed to
Hobby Lobby where we bought the cutest metal sign for the pool house. It said, "It's Always Pool Time." I can't wait to see it up.

On our way there we saw a panhandler on the corner dancing and spinning his sign. He was having a great time. His sign was hilarious: Too ugly to be a prostitute and too honest to steal. He deserved the money he was making. Hilarious! Money motivates!