Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 11th Photo/354

On Jan 11th, we decided not to go skiing. We all had a lot of other things to do so we took the day off. My husband worked on the camp trailer, readying it for a ski race in a couple of weeks while the girls and I went shopping for snow boots and supplies.

Overall, shopping in general proved to be quite difficult considering all of the snow we have had in the last few weeks. Not only were snow boots next to impossible to find, but Costco was a mad house. People were everywhere and acted like they were stocking up for the next snowstorm. Apparently it was the first good weekend out and people were out of supplies and going to get what they could while they could. Some people had more than one cart. The lines were all open and the lines were a couple aisles back in the store. Maybe it was a ploy to get me into the candy aisles so I would buy more. Who knows, but it was busy so my daughter and I thought a picture of the Costco parking lot would be the best picture to represent the day.

Canon Rebel EOS XT, auto