Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan 12th Photo/353

Our family is made up of a bunch of readers. Everyone has at least one book going at any time, but sometimes reading actually becomes work with deadlines. Personally, I belong to a local neighborhood book club that meets once a month. It is a really fun social time where I get to share a meal and an evening with a great group of ladies. It truly is more about the social time than about the reading. Most of the members have known each other for years so I'm kind of the "new kid on the block." The joke in my family as well as in the group is that I always read the book. They can count on it. My husband says that I finish the books because I'm afraid that I'll be thrown out if I don't complete them by the time we meet.

Yesterday, my husband was reading the local newspaper and shared this 6 CHIX comic with me by Bannerman. He thought it fit me perfectly. I don't know if you can read the comic in the photo, but it says, "Why does Louisa have to spoil things by actually reading the book!" After my husband showed it to me, I decided to photograph the comic with our current book of the month, Julia's Chocolates by Cathy Lamb for my photo of the day. It was perfect.
Canon Rebel EOS XT, auto