Friday, January 9, 2009

Project 365

Well, I ordered my Creating Keepsakes "Project 365" Kit of the Month on Jan 1 at about 9:30 am and it looks like it may be delivered today according the UPS tracking system. Yeah! I would have liked to have it in hand on the 1st, but at least I will have it this week. Unfortunately many other scrapbookers will have to wait as Creating Keepsakes had a lot of issues with their online ordering system and many people couldn't even order the kit and now they are all sold out. Becky Higgins has shared that people should be able to get them at a later date and is encouraging people to take pictures. Other scrappers are skipping the Creating Keepsakes Kit of the Month and just creating their own. Personally, I have been snapping away until I get my kit and then decided that maybe if I blogged about it on a daily basis, I would continue to take pictures so today I will have seven blog postings, one for each day that already passed.

The hardest part of this project so far is trying to figure out what types of things I should put in my album. This is where my perfectionism comes out. I want the perfect shot of the day and what if I take a picture earlier in the day and then something else happens so I have been taking several shots a day, downloading them to my computer, deleting the bad ones, choosing two or three of my favorites, uploading them to my Snapfish account, captioning them and then selecting a favorite of the day using the favorite tool for future printing. So far this is working quite well and is keeping me well organized. I will probably print a week at a time as I can send them from Snapfish to my local Walgreens which is on my way home from work. I have also come up with a captioning system at the site that has helped me. I name the image 365 (the date without characters) an image title and time/place/situation. For example: "365 010109 The Big Thaw" outside of the shop at my house. It is working well.