Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9th Photo/356

Jan 8th and 9th brought a visit from the man in brown. The UPS man delivered two packages from Creative Keepsakes over the last two days! Yesterday, he delivered the December kit which has been in route for over a week and a half, but wasn't delivered due to poor weather conditions. The Dec kit is called "Little Stories" and comes with 12 little board books. I ordered it to do a little book once a month to cover our lives in '09. In fact, I was going to call the set that, "Our Lives in '09". After I ordered it, I found out about "Project 365" through an email newsletter which sounded like a lot of fun and I wanted to do it instead so I ordered it on Jan 1st. Today the 365 kit was delivered! It is pretty cool! I couldn't wait to open the box. Becky Higgin's this is a great idea and will be very simple to follow as long I continue to follow my photo routine. See Becky's blog entry about understanding the concept of Project 365 and how scrapbookers and non-scrapbookers can succeed in documenting 2009m using this kit:

Now that I have both kits so I'm going to do theme albums for each month with the "Little Stories" kit as follows:

  • All about albums for the months of Jan, March, April, September, and October because those are the birth months for the people in our family.

  • Feb: Skiing

  • May: Livestock Shows

  • June: Camping

  • July: The Pool

  • Aug: Back to School

  • Nov: Thanksgiving

  • Dec: Christmas
Then I'm going to work on the "Project 365" Album daily. I'm very excited! Here is a picture of both of the kits I've received in the last two days. Plus, I even tried the manual settings for the first time on my Cannon SLR when I took the photo. Thank you UPS man and Becky Higgins!
Canon Rebel EOS XT, manual, no flash