Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 22nd/343

Here is a picture of what I call "My Ski Chalet on Wheels." In the fall, it magically transforms into a hunting shack and in the summer it is our lake cabin, but on this day it has become our ski chalet for a very long three day weekend. My daughter, my husband and I have loaded the Nomad up with Race timing equipment, junk food and of course the necessities for any good ski family: Ski equipment, beer and wine. It is small at 23 feet, but it is ours and it's portable. We have been known to have had five people staying it at a time during ski trips. My youngest daughter calls it the pup tent next to the huge 5th wheels and motorhomes at the mountain. At least we don't have much space we have to heat!
Pentax Optio10, automatic